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marketing your home

So, you have decided to make a change. I can help you in that process by: 

  • Helping you to evaluate the a realistic value on your home. This starts with a market analysis, and to see who the competition is.
  • Work with you in the presentation of your home. Remember, it has to become some one else's house, not your showcase.
  • I help you accentuate the positive, and minimize the negatives. What do you really like about the property?
  • Proper staging helps others see the possibilities.
  • Remember, most first impressions are made in the first 20 seconds of seeing the property, and then entering the front door.
    I will assist you in making that impression a notable one.
  • I am there to help you gain the most from your investment; to take the pressure of negotiating off your shoulders; to differentiate between realistic offers and weak offers; to navigate through the proper legal documents and contracts, and to finally upon concluding all business and know that you can say, "IT WAS A PLEASANT AND PROFITABLE EXPERIENCE".